Taurus Male Characteristics

Find out the characteristics of Taurus male.

Taurus Male Characteristics

  • A Taurus male is the most resilient person in the world who is forever ready to take challenges in spite of all the pressures build up.

  • Generally, they have a simple and straightforward approach to life and are known for their astonishing capacity for hard and painstaking efforts.

  • Taurus men are protective of their loved ones and have few good friends rather than a bunch.

  • One of their traits is they are patient and they hardly seem to lose their cool.

  • A Taurus male is attractive even with his peculiarities, drawing attention of all females.

  • They are quite romantic, but aren't very open about their feelings and generally they show it with sweet little gestures.

  • Their qualities like calmness, stable nature and peaceful ways, make them win hearts of ladies

  • A Taurus male can be selfish when it comes to giving credit to others.

  • Taurus males have a streak of stubbornness and supremacy

  • In a relationship, a Taurus male is submissive and likes his partner to take charge in life but dislikes any interference in his personal life and space.

  • A Taurus male likes his female to be feminine.

  • In a relationship, a Taurus male is generally loyal and trustworthy.

  • A Tarus male is mostly the head of the family and as a father, Taurus male is understanding, warm and tender.